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A new equipment in the China-Arab fair
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Ready, action! Gave the order, more than ten meters high column of water straight into the clouds, to stop the the passers tens of meters outside, this is not sprinklers, nor

fire truck, which is the Yinchuan City Public Security Bureau patrol P detachment of tasks purchased riot water G carriage.
On July 12, anti-terrorism brigade officers introduced their new "comrades" - anti-riot water artillery and anti-riot cloth barrier car with "drill" form.
Drill site, under the command of the patrol P Detachment Vice Captains Wang, two anti riot water gun carriage pulled out of the starting point slowly, a few water cannons spray

water column instantly.
After a few minutes, water cannons to stop spraying, the other two cloth barrier riot riot water slowly from the car behind artillery opened up, the P officer who quickly lined

up and made the barricades into an iron wall. Terrorism investigation brigade Ding Baozhong began to check the roadblocks setting up situations.
Reporters on the scene learned, artillery and anti riot water barrier cloth car is purchased as Yinchuan City patrol P detachment of the first disposal for increasing the

strength of the mass incidents P cars, the price respectively is 900,000 yuan and 500,000 yuan. Riot gun carriage could carry 10 tons of water, can also be loaded dye, gas agent

for the P, blocking the car the longest range of water cannons is 60 meters. A riot cloth barrier car loaded with 40 roadblocks, to build a 60 m long iron wall that will block
out the crowd crowd violence.
Dingbao Zhong told reporters that these four cars will be used as security work in the China-Arab fair.