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A new intelligent automatic rifle,rookie into first-class s
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According to the daily mail, for now, the U.S. military is testing a smart rifle, it can automatic aiming at target, make anyone first-class snipers.
The U.S. military has bought  six price \$27000 "smart rifle" from Texas Tracking Point company", it aimed shot target by computer system, even can realize the automatic Tracking "locking" goal.Tracking Point company sales director Mr Oren Schauble confirmed that in recent months, the military to buy several intelligent rifle, used to test evaluation.
Intelligent rifle with sensors equipped Linux computerized sights, images can be collected and ballistic data, such as ventilation, dip Angle, the rotation of the earth even slight deviation, is called the coriolis effect.Shooter shooting range, using a laser rangefinder observation to determine the expected target.
This high-tech rifle can also calculate the humidity, wind, and people expect landing the bullet shooting distance ballistic trajectory, once selected target, the crosshair will aim at sight.
In Tracking Point company website, the company said the latest precision guide gun (PGFs), including customized heavy hunting rifles, three are assembled advanced computerized sights.
Shooting hand can next to trigger a button, to match the target for the first time, based on the tracking sight of built-in laser, can indicate target.At the same time, the smart rifle can also through the wireless network make the iOS software system to establish a connection with a sight, the sight of the data flow is presented in software, convenient for people to use the device or iPhone as observation device, the related video posted on the Internet.
At present, the accuracy of intelligent rifle shooting range is 457 meters, automatic target shooting.It is reported, the rifle is not Tracking Point on the first aimed the gun, also not farest range of weapons, but it is so far the only semi-automatic, aimed the gun.The next step the company plans to develop a range of 1097 m aimed the gun, and a target pistol.(Source: Tencent Technology)