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AK-47 the designer is death has been hailed as a "king of gun"
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    Died of "father" of AK - 47   Russia's spokesman confirmed on December 23th,kalashnikov die of heat disease, aged 94.Kalashnikov is seriously ill for a long time, on November 17 this year, he has been sent to the heat hospital intensive care unit, was in stable condition.Card rush who is the world famous guns AK - 47 assault rifle inventor, the gun estimated production exceeds 100 million.
    The kalashnikov, was born in 1919, Dr Famous Russian weapons designers and engineering.He came out first in the weapons designers in the world rankings, be called king of the gun.Today there are more than 100 national army using AK - 47 submachine gun.He is on the basis of AK - 47 and developed more than 500 kinds of retrofit gun,  Russia treat it as a national treasure.
    Since 1947, the AK - 47 kalashnikov rifles became a legendary weapon.First of all, a huge number of its production is about more than 300 million teams around the world, an average of 20 people own 1 AK47 gun.Rank high on the top of the world.Israel, by contrast, the famous "uzi submachine gun" there are only 10 million, Belgium FN company FAL series of small arms is a total of 7 million, Germany's black koehler Koch, automatic rifles and M16 automatic rifles of ownership in the United States are generally.Second, because of simple, durable and operational efficiency, an AK is popular.It is widely uesd in 50 countries armed forces, with the terrorists and the special affection for it, even the US army force in Iraq are willing to AK47.In the 1990 s, kalashnikov is no longer on the development of military weapons, and to develop a shotgun, he designed semi-automatic SAIGA shotguns on the basis of the AK47, but now is introduced SAIGA combat shotgun.In addition, kalashnikov’s son victor kalashnikov has become a weapon designer. 
    Since 1949, the kalashnikov has been in the Izhevsk, working and living, he continued to conventional weapons for the design of Soviet troops.During the 1950 s and 1970 s, kalashnikov successively developed a series of weapons, including: AKM, AKMS, AK - 74, AKS - 74, the AK - 74 - u, RPK, RPRS, RPK - 74, the RPKS - 74, PK, PKS, PKM, PKSM, PKT, PKTM, PKB, PKMB and so on.