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Beijing reporter sweep the street happen to see the vice minister of public security
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On the first day of New Year !In wangfujing street, worker was about to withdraw, found on a patrol guns like the public security bureau chief, come forward to ask it was Fu Zhenghua director, he said the in the New Yea he come out to patrol,next to go to the jinshui bridge, he was glad to take a picture with us. Last year he was plainclothes patrol spotted by citizens On October 10, 2013, vice minister of public security Fu Zhenghua in casual dressed, but recognized by people, and so on duty into listening to public opinion. In the First duty stop , maliandao tea city, Fu Zhenghua was recognized, as the plans were disrupted, Fu Zhenghua temporary decided at the scene of the tea city open a symposium.After heard the news, business tea-brokers tea pouring into the conference room, express their views. After leaving the tea city, Fu Zhenghua continue to patrol duty.The evening 22 points, before leaving the statio Fu Zhenghua said to police: "today is just the beginning, I was a side of the police, this will often fight shoulder to shoulder with everybody."(Source: Legal Evening News)