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Chengdu traffic enforcement equipment Riot Vest "invulnerability"
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   Chengdu Municipal Transportation Law Enforcement Team of the four team members were on patrol when chadianzi Terminal , their new law enforcement and security equipment by the public attention. Enforcement Corps 32 players , all wearing the " bulletproof vest " and cut-resistant gloves. It is reported that Chengdu Municipal Transportation Law Enforcement Team to become the province 's first team with new riot gear .

Vest " invulnerability "

    Yesterday 14:00 , chadianzi Terminal , several law enforcement officers stood straight station enforcement . Black stab vest resembles " bulletproof vest " heavy feeling in his hand , a large chest pocket vest also hidden in a metal plate .
    "This is primarily to protect the heart, any tool can not pierce this piece of metal ." Four team captain Liu introduced , mainly from the front stab vests play a protective role, especially in the protection of vital parts . "Although hot in the summer , but for safety , players still prefer to wear ."
    This equipment , the most amazing number of players still on hand wearing black gloves , this gloves look ordinary but concealed mystery . "Do not underestimate it, what can not pierce it ." It turned out that gloves are a mixture of stainless steel wire and high-elastic polyester fibers. Liu said the captain, if you encounter violent resistance to law by holding the tool , wear gloves which can directly hand to snatch .

Shoulder lamp night light to remind

    This of course is not only anti- riot gear cutting gloves and stab vests. Reporters saw the shoulders of law enforcement players shoulder comes light, a yellow light flashed into the night will be the vehicle will be able to see very far .

    In addition , everyone wearing a reflective vest , reflective material on its surface has a strong , bright light , such as when the lamp can radiate light ; parking card, can be used to prompt the vehicle stopped , the day using the " stop" literally , at night with reflective surfaces ; baton, yellow fluorescence, indicating the direction for directing vehicles to the ......

Dress from violent resistance to law

    Purchase of this equipment , but for the defense instead of offense. Enforcement Corps official said that violence against law frequency is too high . According to their preliminary statistics, from January to April this year , incidents and there are more than 50 times, which is most of the events are in law enforcement team encountered a knife , threatened with sticks , and also a number of players injured enforcement . The responsible person said : "Taking into account the safety of the players , law enforcement corps after careful investigation before deciding to buy this anti-riot equipment ." According to him, the funding more than 10,000 yuan to buy 32 sets of all future players are wear this costume .