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Chengdu was founded on terrorism rapid reaction team with 79 assault rifles
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79 micro submachine gun
Recently, some cities train many incidents of violence passenger incidents , in order to effectively prevent the occurrence of violence and other types of events travelers , Chengdu Public Security Bureau  Station Unexpected Terrorism Branch for the first time established rapid reaction team , while station before the police to take multiple measures to upgrade the security level of the railway station area .

Security Upgrade: Unexpected Terrorism established rapid reaction team

Chengdu Public Security Bureau  Station Branch policing skills drawn from the global police served as highlighted in the "small instructors ," the elite police force , consisting of a number of counter-terrorism at the sudden rapid reaction team and complete with all kinds of firearms, ammunition and explosion equipment , the ability to detect police team for the first time , rapid response, rapid disposal ; Meanwhile , a 24-hour guard and patrol linkage mechanism , all kinds of criminals a high-pressure situation.
Moreover, the number of police officers also have to change. According to reports, in addition to branch police on duty , the other nearly 200 police officers, more than 250 people participated in the Police Association all duty and Guard and , once the incident occurred , duty Guard and police reinforcements rushed to the scene can be gathered and disposed of in the shortest possible time . Meanwhile, security tasks involved in more than 100 police officers into a unified command, and the linkage with the railway police on duty , information sharing, so that outside the station seamless .

Equipment upgrades : 79 micro submachine gun

At the scene, before the Public Security Bureau police station also showed reporters a member of the well- equipped rapid reaction . Station Public Security Bureau in existing EOD interference analyzer, water cannon gun , conventional equipment base EOD suits, fire blankets , fire extinguishers, and other riot Fork , the rapid reaction members also holding 79 micro submachine gun , stab vests , handheld radio, connection type , such as single- stick armed police at the sudden equipment.
According to the relevant police reports, covering the entire range of handheld radio station, to facilitate the coordination of manpower. The emergency belt is also equipped with pistols, as well as first aid kits and handcuffs emergency situations. Riot Fork effective distance is an effective way of locking criminals and police , uniformed thugs at a safe distance . Police used shields to prevent criminals holding the weapon wounding. Connection type batons may " two for one " and let batons turned to two meters long , and instantly turned into a fast counter- member weapon , let the police become truly " heavily armed ."