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Elite Riot Gear
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   The elite riot gear is a unique armor and the most advanced model of L.A.P.D. riot armor, superior to the pre-War 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment riot armor. Originally an 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment riot armor that was modified over time, it was the personal armor of an NCR riot control officer in the Divide, supervising the NCR riot operation in the Third Street Municipal Building before the destruction of the Divide befell the area.

    Compared to the advanced riot gear, this set appears to have more attachments. It doesn't have the 11th Armored Cavalry emblem on the helmet but instead has a white U.S. Army star on the side. It has additional green tubes on its enhanced gas filter as well as an antenna connected to the flashlight on the right side of the helmet. There is also a canteen attached to the belt and a bandolier that spans across the chest plate, along with a strap of pouches. The duster is dark green instead of dark brown and it features reinforced shoulder plates and armored knee guards, which are not seen on any other variation of third-generation combat armor. It has recoil compensation materials woven into its arms, making it easy to aim and take down targets with gunfire. The helmet is equipped with advanced optics and a night vision unit which interfaces with riot armor to provide night vision and improved perception, as well as raw intimidation.