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Human Fire truck in the late Qing Dynasty
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According to police reports, intact human like fire in the country has been rare.
Recently, Yulin City Public Security Bureau held donated items ceremony, there will be a fire 150 years of human history is being donated to the region's collection of historical relics Guangxi Public Security Police museum, so this testimony and records the history of the precious relics of Guangxi fire to be at a higher level to show its value. It is understood that this is the Guangxi Public Security Museum currently receiving first oldest and largest physical objects.
In the morning, Yulin City Public Security Bureau police as a bride married to a human, like fire engine red draped "hijab", a simple ceremony, the police and Yulin City Police Fire Brigade officers carefully transported to the human truck loading Nanning. It is understood that this is a human fire Yulin City Public Security Bureau police culture carried out in 2007 by the pavilion exhibits collection Beiliu Public Security Bureau police station Longsheng gift.
Do not look at this somewhat dilapidated human fire, 100 years has experienced a lot of fire operations, to reduce the people's loss of property contributed. Human fire wood and iron for the four-style, about 1.4 m, width 0.8 m, height of about 1.5 meters, the car has a sink and a handle pressure piston pump system, water pump made ??of copper, rocker as pig iron, sink and body manufactured using fine hard wood, carved on both sides of the body, "Wing Lung shop made" the words clearly visible, the overall manufacturing material is very elegant, well preserved.
Use this hand-pressure fire engines, the need to insert a wooden stick people pressurized water, pressure on staff to look at both sides of a pumping pressurized water will be pumped to pressure device, the waterwheel by human aspiration through the piston after passing pressurized water by air pressure inside can be ejected from the gun, range can reach 10 meters.
Back in the late Qing Dynasty, this fire has been widely used, whenever a fire, people just constantly filling the tank water to both sides of the handle 6 people complement each other pumping through the top of the aqueduct pump spray, it You can put out the fire. The Human Fire waterwheel In some temples, pavilions or higher brick building when the fire can play an important role.