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In Taiyuan Shanxi Province: community inmates with monitoring phone
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On January 13th, shanxi taiyuan temple gate street community a worker picked up a smartphone, this phone in addition to conventional function, and regional regulatory, real-time positioning, crossing the line alarm, etc.On the same day, taiyuan enabled all intelligent management system of community correction, the first batch of 500 community  workers receive the mobile phone, it has function of monitor.
Monitoring phone's basic function is the same as the ordinary mobile phone, but the other have regional regulation and real-time positioning, path query, cross-border alarm, man-machine separation identification, information evaluation, file management, information interaction, and other special functions.Community correction, for instance,if staff want to leave taiyuan, cell phone will be sounded the alarm, the judicial monitoring personnel can be found.Community correction workers  told reporters: "I have been in the community served for almost half a year,  i was always abide by the related rules, monitoring phone is to prevent the Base Person , as long as his line was,  he don't have to worry about."
Relevant controller of Municipal judicial bureau introduces, taiyuan, to carry out community correction work in seven years since 2007, the community inmates quantity is increasing year by year, but a line to a serious shortage of law enforcement power, traditional approach is more and more not adapt to the needs of the development. The community inmates off pipe, leakage happens easily.To solve this problem, the city judicial bureau will build intelligent management system of community correction as the assessment project of the municipal party committee, make focus on and fall.The system is the embodiment of the informatization, standardization, intelligent community correction, it can effectively simplify the process of community correction work, reduce the management cost and improve the work efficiency and quality education, more effectively prevent the community correction workers to take off the tube and tube leakage, reduce community inmates to crime, to promote community correction to the humanity, efficiency, informatization, standardization and intelligent.
According to introducing, in taiyuan, there are a total of over 2000 staff of community correction at present,  a half staff of community correction in succession to monitoring mobile phones.
(Source: Taiyuan Evening News)