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Guangdong border detachment to combat maneuvering standard t

2017-04-01 09:44    

Recently, Guangdong Frontier Corps detachment to combat maneuvering standard test of eight manufacturers to bring fiber body armor, firearms aimed at correcting, etc. more than 300 pieces of police equipment.
   "However hard body armor had bullets have the final say!" "Improve the speed of action is important, but safety is the first one!" In the morning, equipment exhibition corner, border officers are interesting for fiber body armor, murmuring open come. One manufacturer, the fiber armor plate relative to the current military body armor fielded forces are light weight, easy operation advantages reaction. Is the first standard combat, combat soldiers out of consideration for safety, with the approval of the consent of the manufacturer, by firing test its ballistic performance, proposed to increase the fiber bulletproof hardness improvements. Officers and also to combat the standards for firearms aimed at correction, high-powered scopes, cut-resistant gloves, climbing Dengsheng and other police equipment one by one test.
Body armor and soldiers inspect the factory fibers together after the shooting.
Body armor and soldiers inspect the factory fibers together after the shooting.
Vendors are introduced to the operations and functions of multifunction soldiers pinhole probe.
A soldier is to fiber body armor for firing a pistol.
Police are using 81 automatic rifle to fiber body armor.
Versatile combat soldiers are watching helmet.

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