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Changsha, Hunan is first intelligent robot into the subway "

2017-04-01 09:49    

May 22 morning, Changsha metro police to the public show counter-terrorism  proof equipment, intelligent EOD robot debut. Do not look at this guy looks weird, really powerful features.
Equipped file
Explosion barrel
Nearly 80 cm tall, weighs 350 kilograms, by the tripartite structure, a combination of four anti-knock materials, proof capability within 1.5 kg of high explosives. In addition to more intense explosion, the explosion around the barrel capable of passengers and facilities play a very good protection.
Rescue tools group
Once inside the subway accident, the primary responsibility of the police is to ensure the safety of passengers to escape, have a strong break, broken windows tool is extremely important. Rescue a combination of four kinds of tools consisting of both the United States imported material. In the case of an accident, the police may decide to choose what kind of tools depending on the circumstances.
EOD robot
Composed of six, automatic retractable length, up to five meters, the police explosives robot can be used for secure transfer. Operation section EOD robot by three buttons, of which the red button to brake, two silver buttons control the robot sheets together, can be allowed to rotate 360 degrees. Robot using high-strength lightweight carbon fiber material that can easily pick up a few millimeters thin pencil, bearing strength can also be picked up nearly 20 kg of weight.

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