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The use scope of the demolition tool?

2018-06-21 16:29    

What is a demolition tool?I believe you can understand it quite well from the literal meaning. It is mainly used as an auxiliary tool for breaking down and dismantling quickly, removing the fence of security Windows, reinforcing bars of collapsed buildings, window bars and other obstacles.
There are many kinds of demolition tools, and the applicable scope of various types is also different. 
Spade: it is suitable for removing brick and wood structures on fire field, as well as breaking walls and digging holes.
Fire hammer: used to break down the bearing wall.
Power chainsaw: a tool for cutting and breaking by mechanical power.Used for sawing and disassembling wood, wood or plastic products, as well as opening fire isolation zone.
Toothless saw: with gasoline engine as the power source, through the high speed rotation of saw blade, cutting all kinds of metal, concrete, brick soil and other structures, the main purpose is to cut steel.
Hydraulic expander: a large hydraulically driven disassembly device used to lift heavy objects and separate metal and non-metal structures in case of an accident.
Different kinds of breaking and disassembling tools can have different functions. When encountering practical situations, people can choose various appliances as appropriate.
Hydraulic multifunctional pliers

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