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Influencing factors of bulletproof vest comfort - fabric org

2018-11-27 10:56    

There are many factors influencing the comfort of bulletproof vests. The bulletproof materials, fabric structure, protective area and structural design used. Last time we explained the first influencing factors of bulletproof materials. Today, Anhua police equipment will be explained the second influencing factor to you,the fabric organization.
Different fabric structures have different anti-elastic properties, and the reasonable arrangement of the fabric structure can greatly improve the performance of the bulletproof vest, and even achieve the comfort and weight reduction effect.
First, two-dimensional fabric lamination material
More plain weaves are used, and there are also attempts to make leno weaves. The process is relatively simple. At present, researchers can improve the anti-elasticity of the composite layer by studying the impact of the composite layer, and provide a scientific theoretical basis for structural improvement. The two-dimensional woven fabric has a soft structure and is comfortable to wear, and improves the comfort of the body armor while effectively preventing bullets.
Second, three-dimensional fabric reinforcement
The number of layers of the body armor fabric is reduced by internal filling of the high-strength resin without impairing the ballistic resistance.
The plasticity of the three-dimensional bulletproof fabric is completely unmatched by the traditional two-dimensional fabric. It can form a bending depth of 55-75mm, which is three times that of the traditional two-dimensional bulletproof fabric. The three-dimensional body armor provides bulletproof protection, is comfortable to wear, conforms to the female body curve, is environmentally friendly and non-polluting, and is harmless to the human body.
Third, no weft cloth combination
The non-woven fabric is made of high-strength and high-modulus polyethylene fiber, which is evenly laid by high-tech equipment, so that the fibers are arranged in parallel in one direction, and the rubber and film are impregnated with high-strength elastomer resin, and then passed through 0°/90°. The double orthogonal composite is laminated.
Some scholars have arranged ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene and aramid fibers in parallel. When used, the unidirectional tape laminate prepregs are laminated in different directions to be solidified. The core material is lightweight, resistant to the enormous impact of bullets and knives and reduces damage to the human body.
Relevant experts optimized the weaving process of the bulletproof aramid non-woven fabric through experimental research, adjusted the composition and solid content of the adhesive for the non-woven fabric, determined the optimal formula, improved the ballistic performance of the non-woven fabric, and passed Changing the process parameters of the weaving equipment reduces the density of the weftless fabric and achieves the goal of lightweighting and comfort of the corresponding body armor products.
Fourth, Weaving technology
Combined with two-dimensional fabric lamination material, three-dimensional fabric reinforcement and non-woven fabric, the design of different combinations, angles and other composite forms is beneficial to improve the flexibility of the material, reduce the weight, and effectively alleviate the defects of the softness and thickness of the bulletproof garment.
There is now a new weaving method-a multi-axial lamination system, which is characterized in that each yarn in each layer of the ply structure is placed in a precise position to achieve maximum strength in a given direction, or in all directions All have the same strength. The body armor fabric woven in this way is softer in texture, lighter in weight and more resistant to bullets than ordinary woven fabrics.
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