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Influencing factors of bulletproof vest - clothing structure

2018-11-27 10:59    

The comfort of bulletproof vest depends not only on the properties of the material, but also on the construction, such as the tightness of the fibers, the weaving process. With the advancement of science and technology, police and military bulletproof vest are from hard to light, and they are light and comfortable while ensuring a certain degree of ballistic resistance. The use of reasonable structure and shape design to achieve a balanced distribution of weight is also one of the ways to improve wearing comfort. The following Anhua police equipment to introduce you to several bulletproof vests to understand the impact of the clothing structure on the comfort of bulletproof vest:
First, the back frame type body armor, the weight of the body armor is redistributed through the back frame, and the weight originally concentrated on the shoulder is distributed to the back, the waist and the bone plate. Tests have shown that a bullet-proof garment with a uniform weight distribution can significantly improve comfort.
Second, the light-weight improved bulletproof vest, using the armor insertion method, inserts a polymer film sleeve similar to the sole texture into many cylindrical small porcelain blocks, replacing the traditional intact large piece of porcelain armor. These porcelain blocks share the energy generated by the shooting, which greatly improves the protective performance. The weight of the bulletproof garment improved by this method is 30% lighter than that before the improvement, which greatly improves the wearing comfort of the bulletproof vest.
Third, high-performance bulletproof vests, the bulletproof vests adopt a curved structure with a certain curvature to form a single layer in accordance with the fish scales, and the soft surface materials are sewed on the front and rear panels of the bulletproof vest. The curved structure of the bulletproof body bulletproof block and the single layer formed by the fish scale arrangement effectively alleviate the damage of the bullet to the human body, and the weight is lighter than the traditional body armor, due to the application of the soft surface material, Improves wearing comfort.
The difference in the structure of the garment determines the different comfort of the bulletproof vest. You can distribute the structure of the bulletproof vest according to your needs!
Bulletproof Vest BPV-5C

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