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The cooling system affects the overall comfort of the bullet

2018-12-03 14:14    

The bulletproof material, protective area and structural design used in the bulletproof vest directly determine the protective ability, weight, wearing and performance of the bulletproof vest. I also explained to you one by one, when these conditions are met, there is a major problem to be solved, that is, the heat dissipation system of the bulletproof vest, the quality of the cooling system directly determines the overall comfort of the bulletproof vest!
Bulletproof vest is usually not air permeable, and it is easy to cause heat and moisture accumulation in the body. Unreasonable structural design, or excessive overall stiffness, will limit the freedom and sensitivity of the soldier's actions, not only affecting comfort, but also affecting the maneuverability and effectiveness of the work, putting them in a dangerous situation.
A good cooling effect can be achieved by means of an additional cooling device. The thermostat fiber/textile can be adjusted to temperature by the phase change material contained in the textile surface or in the fiber. Such materials can freely adjust the temperature of the textile within a certain range according to changes in the external environment, and are more comfortable than conventional conventional fabrics. Smart textiles that use phase change thermostats are widely used in special fields such as aviation and military.
Anhua police equipment believes that materials, structures, cooling systems, etc. are not necessarily the best, only the fit is the best! The difference in environment and the difference in its own conditions will have different requirements for the comfort of bulletproof vest, which is most important!
Bulletproof Vest BPV-5C

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