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New Kevlar helmet can defend against rifle bullets,amazing!

2018-12-11 14:48    

As we all know, wearing a bulletproof helmet on the battlefield is a kind of safety guarantee. The bulletproof helmet is the most important part of the current individual protective equipment. The earliest used in China is the GK80 bulletproof helmet, which was the first successful development in the 1970s, The materials is 232 bulletproof helmet. Its weight is too large, its anti-ballistic performance is not high, and its disadvantages are many. With the emergence of high-performance fibers and technological development, in 1997, China developed a non-metallic aramid military bulletproof helmet and an ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber bulletproof helmet.
China's new generation of helmets have been using aramid fiber materials, which have many advantages, such as good stability, fire resistance, insolubility and so on. The disadvantage is that it is hygroscopic and has poor light resistance. Aramid fiber is suitable for use in bulletproof cash trucks and bulletproof armored vehicles. At least 14 companies in China are producing bulletproof helmets, except for several steel bulletproof helmets, the rest of which are made of composite bulletproof materials. However, the aramid helmet has low water resistance and short service life. The ultra high molecular weight polyethylene helmet has insufficient high temperature resistance and the temperature cannot exceed 100 ℃.
Some people may wonder why carbon fiber can't be used in bulletproof helmets? Experts explained that carbon fiber, although resistant to corrosion and high temperature, has a low elongation at break, while aramid fiber can absorb the energy of bullets, and carbon fiber has limited application in ballistic composite materials. China has not given up this research work. After years of efforts, scientists have developed a carbon fiber composite bulletproof helmet.
T300 grade carbon fiber material, helmet weight 1.2kg, can defend against 54 pistol bullets. The T800-T1000 carbon fiber material, helmet 1.8kg, can defend against 79 micro-submachine guns, AK47 and other rifles. It can be said that the performance of this new helmet is better than the aramid helmet, and its life can be used for more than 10 years. Carbon fiber materials are also suitable for use in different seasons. It plays a big role in the battlefield and is believed to be widely used in the future!
Bullet Proof Helmet Of PE Material BPH-03G

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