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Special police or the special forces which is better?

2018-12-24 16:10    

    Special police and special forces are special units that perform special tasks and serve the peace and tranquility of our country. Although they are all special, there are still big differences between the two types of arms. The following Anhua police equipment will lead everyone to understand:
    Special forces are special forces in the military of some countries in the world that are responsible for attacking the enemy's important political, economic, and military objectives and performing other special tasks. The special forces of this function are in many countries in the world.In the 20th century,Our special forces gradually formed teams and began training . After a long training period, they have become very maturely.
Special forces
    Special police more motivated by tend to be the police, carry out some domestic counter-terrorism and dispose of domestic riots, and participate in the defense and duty of national leaders and special people. Protect the personal and property safety of the people from infringement. Their training is emergency and anti-terrorism, accepting the use of firearms and combating terrorists.
Special police
    In this way, the special forces face foreign hostile forces and foreign aggressors, facing the enemy, and solving the contradiction between the enemy and the state. The special police are facing domestic riots and reactionary forces, and their main task is to protect the lives and property of our people. The nature of the two opponents is completely different and the way of handling is completely different.
    The development and training of the special forces omnipotent requires both the ability to survive and fight in the wild, the ability to cope with and deal with foreign special forces, and the tasks faced are even more dangerous, so their strength and combat power are superior!


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