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Three basic principles for managing individual police equipm

2018-12-28 11:18    

"Personal use, centralized management, loss of conceit" is the three measures taken by the police security office of a public security bureau for the management of individual police equipment. The bureau is equipped with time and materials, and in accordance with the principle of "guaranteeing practicality and practical service", all the police must be equipped with necessary equipment, and appropriate equipment is required; strict system and management are required. All departments are required to determine the centralized storage of custody police equipment, establish and improve the individual police equipment procurement and maintenance accounts, and resolutely prevent the loss and damage of  individual police equipment caused by improper management; strengthen training and guide the police to "use, Dare to use, strictly use " individual police equipment. The practical operation and training of individual police equipment will be carried out in a timely manner, so that the police can do their best in the face of various law enforcement duty sites, dare to shoot and accurately, and effectively improve the ability of the police to use the individual police equipment according to law, legal and reasonable use and practical application level.

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