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Individual police equipment improves the safety of policeman

2019-01-03 11:16    

The individual police equipment is the basic guarantee for the police's law enforcement. The criminals have a lot of criminal techniques. Just like the traffickers who have been sentenced to death not long ago, the methods of abducting children are diverse and preventable. Only by raising awareness of prevention can we prevent problems before they happen. In the same way, the police also need to distribute new public security Individual police equipment to better protect their own security in today's society with a wide range of criminal methods!
According to the data, the procurement of new individual police equipment in 2019-2020 includes the following products: telescopic baton (portable type), telescopic baton (basic type), telescopic baton (reinforced type), metal handcuffs, multi-functional belt, strong light flashlight ( Basic type), strong light flashlight (tactical type), tear sprayer (horizontal spray type), tear sprayer (vertical spray type), etc.
Prior to the individual police equipment, there were problems such as large size, heavy weight, easy damage, poor performance, and inconvenient carrying. The new public security individual police equipment gradually solved these problems and greatly improved flexibility, toughness and safety.
Some areas have organized public security organs to carry out training for new public security individual police equipment, and further enhanced the skills of public security individual police equipment assembly, management, and use, and improved combat effectiveness!
individual police equipment

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