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Kindergarten police equipment makes parents feel at ease

2019-01-09 10:27    

There have been many incidents of child trafficking recently, and parents want to protect their children around the clock.But what about kindergarten? This year, a kindergarten in Hangzhou solved this problem perfectly, which made the parents feel at ease!
This year, the kindergarten has changed the overall configuration of the security guards: stab-resistant clothing, riot caps, cut-proof gloves, rubber sticks, armed belts, etc., wear is completen.After school,security guards will be stationed at school gate. I learned from the security department of the school that the recent "gate sentry upgrade", such as picking up a child now, must be one person one card , no card, parents can not enter the park, the child must be led down by the teacher; open the door, close the door, the door 9 After the point is locked, the parents who pick up the children at noon can't enter the school, and they have to wait at the gate.
Security guard at school,  either not have an accident or it is a big event, so the police equipment is also equipped with chili water, rubber sticks, etc., and the security guards belonging to the school’s kindergarten security must be 40 years old, and the height over 1.7 meters. A police station certificate is also required,there is no misdeeds, and a five-day training can be unified to get a job.
The upgrade of police equipment and the improvement of the rules have strengthened the protection of children in kindergartens. Parents are very relieved!
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