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Management of security equipment interphone use

2019-01-14 13:42    

In order to establish a good security guard image, all enterprises have equipped the security personnel with a complete set of security equipment. Including: interphones and accessories, electric batons, flashlights, portable flashlights, gloves, police raincoats, rain boots, signature pens, computers, patrol registers, battery patrol cars, etc. So how to manage so many security equipment has become a problem. Today, Anhua police equipment provides security advice for enterprise security guard for the management of interphone:
The interphone users must take it with them, do not leave it anywhere. It must be handover after work. Once the damage is lost, it must be compensated. The interphone call must be standardized, and the user should carry out routine maintenance every day. If the fault needs to be repaired, it should be reported to the company immediately. 
1. Each post of the security guard is equipped with one interphone, special case depending on the  project.
2. The interphone is only used by the security guards on duty, and the principle of "who uses, who manages, who is responsible" is implemented. If there is any damage, the parties need to pay compensation according to the price. When the interphone is damaged and the responsible person is not found, the squad leader and team leader are responsible for repair and compensation.
3. The standby power supply of the interphone is responsible for centralized charging and unified exchange to ensure the normal use of the interphone.
4. When using the interphone, wear a headset. After the interphone is worn on the right waist, it is strictly forbidden to put it away.
5. Interphone calls must use standardized civilized language, prohibiting loud noises.
6. When handing over the shift, make a good handover acceptance, find the detailed record of the problem and report it to the project leader in time.
7. In case of the expiration of the security project contract or the termination of the contract, the security equipment must be returned to the company.
What do you think of the above management recommendations for interphone in security equipment? If you have different suggestions, you can contact us and discuss each other!

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