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Management of security equipment clothing use

2019-01-17 14:58    

Security personnel are equipped with a lot of security equipment, and management is also very troublesome. The last part describes the use and management methods of interphone in security equipment. Today, Anhua police equipment give you some small suggest about the management of security equipment clothing use:
First, the norm: security personnel can not privately change the clothing,  can't wear own trench coat over your uniform, leather jacket, down jacket and other casual clothes outside the uniform, at the same time must wear cap badge, collar flower, epaulettes.
Second, matching: according to the season can be divided into winter, summer and spring and autumn clothing, according to the occasion can be divided into dresses, uniforms and overalls, according to regulations, hats, tops, pants must be worn, not allowed to wear uniforms in different seasons, different occasions Wear it casually, and don't allow it to be worn with casual clothes.
Third, wearing: when security personnel wear uniforms, only wear the uniform badge issued by the company, not wearing other badges, must be worn on the top left of the shirt when wearing.
Forth,clean and tidy: When wearing winter clothing, you must wear a standard shirt and a tie. The clothes buckle should be buckled. Sleeves must not be pulled up, trousers rolled up, clothes unbuttoned, and the hat should be placed on the hat wall. Usually wear standard shoes, or leather shoes, not uniforms, running shoes, etc., wearing a lossy image, clothing, shoes and hats should be frequently changed and kept clean.
If you have better advice about the management of security equipment clothing use,welcome call us to discuss!

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