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The post-90s eod soldier wear eod suits every day to eod

2019-01-24 15:13    

Ge Xiaoyu, the "Bomb disposal expert" of the security inspection and blasting brigade of the Nanjing Municipal Public Security Bureau,post-90s chose a work that was unbearable for ordinary people . In addition to physical training every day, the equipment in the equipment room is also a "close comrade-in-arms" of the blasting soldiers.
Eod suits weighing more than 70 kilograms are particularly cumbersome to wear, and they are practiced indoors and teammates every day. In the eyes of some friends, such "closed training" is a bit boring, but Ge Xiaoyu is always jokingly joking: "I stay with the equipment worth millions of dollars every day, worth it!" In the past three years effort, he successfully disposed of 68 old police shells, handled 74 artillery shells, and 4 explosion-related scenes. He became a well-deserved "Bomb disposal expert".
Eod suit can reduce damage at critical moments, allowing the eod member to complete the task while suffering tremendous work pressure!
Eod suit

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