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Drones channel traffic on highways ensure safety of Festival

2019-01-29 09:24    

In order to ensure the safety and smoothness of the expressway during the Spring Festival, the traffic police department of the hainan public security bureau will use a drone for the first time to take photos, expose the illegal occupation of the road, and monitor and guide the traffic flow of the highway.
According to reports, the drone has the characteristics of fast and flexible. Through the patrol of the drone, the situation can be fed back to the command center in the first time. The command center can also dispatch the drone to handle the relevant situation at the first time. At the same time, the drone has the function of aerial electronic eye. Once the vehicle is found to occupy the emergency lane, the snapshot will be taken immediately. The data after the capture is directly recorded in the background of the electronic eye system, and the driver will be fined 200 yuan and 6 points.
In addition to capturing illegal acts, a megaphone is installed on the drone, and the police in the command center can conduct command and guidance through the megaphone. The relevant person in charge of the Traffic Police Corps of the Provincial Public Security Department introduced that the drone has a drawing function. In some large and complex sites, after the UAV flies over the sky, the site can be surveyed. After the survey is completed, the site survey map can be immediately painted to assist the command center to solve the problem.
Anhua police equipment as a member of the police equipment industry called on the masses to report Illegal occupation of emergency lanes and build a harmonious life!

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