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What are the design features of bulletproof shields?

2019-03-05 10:45    

Bulletproof shields provide good protection for the operatives,and the operational personnel are usually in columns, behind the bulletproof shields, usually when used in the case of a frontal assault on a besieged target. So the bulletproof shield will have such a powerful function, what are the characteristics of the design?
First, the shield uses a curved surface design to achieve a three-level bulletproof level. It is usually made of bulletproof materials such as light alloy or polystyrene. Due to its large volume, even with lightweight materials, it usual weight is still 10-15 kg.
Second, the horizontal design of the handle, which helps to carry for a long time, the distance between the handle and the shield is not less than 7 cm, to ensure that when the warhead hits the shield, the deformation will not be oppressed.
Third, the shield is designed with a crossbar to ensure a certain distance between the body and the shield.
Fourth,The support points of all the attachments are located at the edge of the shield so as not to affect the bulletproof capability of the central part of the shield.
Fifth, The monitor window on the shield is made of a multi-layer polycarbonate material and is consistent with the shield's surface.
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Composite Fiber Bullet Proof Shield

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