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4G law enforcement recorder improve enforcement efficiency

2019-04-04 10:16    

In 2019, the first-line urban management team members of Nanjing City will be equipped with 4G law enforcement instruments. By connecting with the "fine system", the security inspection processing time can be compressed from the original two days to half an hour, greatly improving the efficiency of law enforcement.
In the previous management, the masses reported problems such as illegal transport of dregs, city appearance and other issues through the "12319" urban management hotline and other channels. The municipal platform should be issued at the same level by telephone, work order distribution, etc. but the system can directly assign tasks to the nearest law enforcement team from the reporting point.
The "fine system" also has the functions of "bringing in the background and inspecting the track of people and vehicles". Through this function, the front-end 4G law enforcement instrument can be forcibly opened, and the law enforcement personnel's on-site law enforcement situation and on-the-job status can be checked in real time, and law enforcement supervision is more strict and more in place. Through the system, the working trajectory and on-site law enforcement can be clearly understood before the screen.
The "fine system" has been applied in major safeguards such as drainage flood prevention and high school entrance examinations, and has been piloted in several grassroots law enforcement units such as Kirin. After being officially put into use in 2019, it achieved unified command, precise supervision and efficient dispatch of law enforcement forces.
Anhua police equipment is a professional law enforcement instrument manufacturer, and we must strongly support the improvement of law enforcement efficiency. In the future, we will develop more efficient police equipment to follow social development!
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