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Mobile booth car, Novel appearance
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New appearance of the multi-functional mobile booth is to improve the traffic police vehicle equipment level of protection equipment Jinan Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment Treasury and widely listened to the views of front-line police officers on duty on the basis of recommendations, based on demand and traffic police on duty traffic police on duty environments, which lasted nearly was successfully developed.
What is multi-functional mobile traffic police booth features? Jinan traffic police, responsible person, the mobile booth car with seven specific functions. The first is the traffic signal command functions. Rear of the vehicle for the transportation booth, traffic signal system for the upper and lower sets of traffic command post, according to needs and body combined or separate, separation can work independently. Especially suitable for traffic control, traffic control and large-scale activities when traffic control signal failure.
Mobile office services, with the front part of the public security within the network computers, printers and office furniture, office wireless Internet access can be achieved through the network handle traffic violations processing and chariotest managed services business, to be able to achieve 24-hour service.
It also has on-site law enforcement forensics. Left rear side of the body can be increased to 4 meters with a TV surveillance camera, you can focus on road junctions and traffic violations capture evidence. Body left with LED display, a front portion of the roof loudspeakers, you can play about road safety, traffic regulations and traffic control and other information, publicity and education play capabilities.
In addition, the rear of the vehicle can be loaded side of the road traffic, traffic control signs and other traffic facilities and traffic management needs of other goods, with the equipment carrier functions. You can drag the vehicles below 1.5 tons of vehicles and road traffic accidents broken down vehicles wrecker timely rescue, ensure smooth traffic. With a wrecker rescue functions.