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Nanjing research and development of intelligent charging balance unicycle that can run 35 km
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  January 8, In nanjing economic development zone, the company released the world's first unicycle interactive smart balance.This unicycle using power lithium batteries, rechargeable 90 minutes to run 35 kilometers.on the YOG This year, some volunteers will ride the car service for events.
Live demonstration of the company's staff, the first step on one foot, the other foot on the ground sliding, such as the car started moving at a constant speed, then put the other foot.The staff said, "somersault cloud" by the gyroscope and drive circuit to realize the balance and lean forward when it automatic acceleration, pour is to stop, and it can realize the emergency brakes stop, very safe.Workers riding in the hall "somersault cloud" slip steps, when carpet is very agile."We have done the test, in various road conditions such as concrete, gravel roads, lawn, somersault cloud can achieve average speed per hour 14 to 18 kilometers, 35 km range."The staff said.
It is understood that the current common two-wheel balancing car price in 10000 yuan of above, the manager said, "somersault cloud" the price of only 3000 yuan, may even after mass production to around 2000 yuan.Nanjing economic development zone has bought 60 "somersault cloud", presented to youth Olympic organizing committee.When the youth Olympic Games this year, volunteers will be on "somersault cloud" the pavilion.(Source: Nanjing Daily)