Jiangsu Anhua Police Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd(Be established in 1988 )
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Every armed stationed patrol car equipped completely, P dressed in SWAT clothes, tactical vest has many pockets, any scattered objects can be easily mounted. Each team member

carries handheld radio, bulletproof vest, bulletproof helmet, cut-resistant gloves, tactical vest, knee pads, handcuffs, riot self-injectors, telescopic batons, etc. In ddition,

every P also carry a cell phone, which look like a "police pass", it can check vehicle information and important demographic information.
Explosive blanket can be used with the explosion-proof tube. On discovering suspected explosives, if professional EOD P did not show up, the scene P can use the explosion-proof

tube and Explosive blanket to cover the explosives slowly, which will not cause large-scale explosion.
In addition, each crews equipment includes fire extinguishers, warning tape, gas masks, handheld bulletproof shield, GPS positioning systems, car set.
Besides to the equipment, the car is also equipped with convenient first aid kit, which has iodine, alcohol, Yunnan Baiyao, hemostatic gauze,band-aid and other emergency items.