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Sweep out mobile wisdom "Urban Management" take you to fi
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  the south bank of wisdom Urban Management APP start ceremony.what function doesThis APP have?Citizens by micro letter scan qr code for "south Urban Management APP" wisdom, found in south city thirty-problem, mobile phones according to specified procedure after sending, urban management will be to deal with, to encourage citizens to participate in, whistleblowers also report can redeem points for rewards.Nanan distract deputy prefects Chen Tingming is introduced, the area in the city's urban management of the wisdom of the first to launch the APP, realized the "people's city, people tube" interaction, is one of the functions of urban public service platform south bank of wisdom.
Powerful APP still can take you to find parking Spaces
Nanan distract the municipal administration, deputy director of the yellow sea, wisdom Urban Management APP will also integrate resources and public services.Through this platform, the public toilets and a parking space near the query.
According to the system demonstration, a resident inside nasty, it opens at convenient service, can query to the nearest toilet.Then click the most recent labeling after toilet, can clear display driving or walking route guidance.
Wong said, wisdom Urban Management territory on the south bank of electronic parking garage system.The number of synchronous display near the parking garage has a parking space.In order to let wisdom Urban Management APP is widely used, the area will jointly mobile, unicom, telecom three carriers of community service platform stalls, in addition, the combined neighborhood committees, into the community residents to the presentations and let the older citizens, also use the platform, to participate in city management.(Source: Chongqing Business Daily)