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The new Guangzhou riot gear with full protection
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      August 27 , Recently Guangzhou urban management department stepped up patrols and law enforcement , have followed their own protective equipment upgrading . Guangzhou is now law enforcement officers a total of "six -piece " of body , including stab-resistant vests seven plate consisting of 2 mm thick protective gloves protective helmets surrounded around organic material protective shield covering citywide full-range encrypted radios, there is a new style , but also the country's first urban management and equipment - chest hanging camera can automatically shoot the scene in front of the situation when law enforcement officers enforce the law.

     Upper plate composed of seven stab-resistant vests , able to withstand the chest, side waist , back, nose attacks. Guangzhou Municipal Law Enforcement Bureau official stressed that the new equipment is only considered to be in the protection , in order to protect the physical safety of law enforcement officers , do not have any aggressive use of new equipment also has strict procedures and management systems , and only when law enforcement according to the actual case , whether or not wearing protective gear , law enforcement officers will adhere to the law by chapter , and civilized law enforcement .

    2 mm thick protective gloves , to place knifed and can prevent scalding heat . Most respondents believe that when the next city inspectors encounter dangerous escalation of violent resistance to law , strengthen the protective equipment to protect their own safety it should be, but there are people worried about the debut of new equipment , but people feel chased " big parade " so that traders they have a greater sense of psychological distance , is not conducive to harmonious enforcement

    Hard helmets, including facial protection transparent plexiglass baffle face, neck position is also padded to protect the neck.

    Citywide full-range encrypted radios .

    Chest hanging camera, the latest equipment, the country's first , worn on the chest area of law enforcement officers , to follow law enforcement officers throughout the shoot .