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 The new generation of AK - 12 automatic rifle will equiped
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 On September 18, The Russian President Putin visited in Russia's capital MuErTe kalashnikov Arsenal, check the factory production of new type AK - 12 automatic rifles, and debug the guns.In addition, Mr Putin has held talks with the leadership of the factory.
development person of Weapon first pointed out that AK - 12 has the versatility, like easy to use, significantly smaller, recoil firing accuracy.When AK - 12 is in the designing, the designers successfully maintained the kalashnikov series automatic rifle unique traditional advantages of simple, reliable, improved its performance parameters at the same time, make it adapt to the modern combat conditions.This weapon's another advantage is that it can become a common platform, Russian troops will be on the basis of it, further development of about 20 kinds of various retrofit guns.
Testers also points out that AK - 12 obviously increase the use of comfort, on both sides of the telescopic gunstock to fold, handle, and adjustable gunstocks base plate and gasket, are all more meet the ergonomic requirements.(Source: Sina military