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The new pistol police around the city of Shijiazhuang renewal conduct live-fire training
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Coach explain the characteristics of the new gun .

Demonstration shooting action .

Policewoman participate firing .

" Pit, pit , pit ...... " Recently, in Stone City People's Police Training School Shooting , successive gunshots rang out . Eight uniformed police standing firing position , facing the target shooting training. After a number of police shooting is completed, another group of police came up test.

To improve the ability of police to respond to emergencies , the public security department of the stone around the city traffic police brigade 14 integrated police station allotted 92 pistol . As the new properties different from the original gun pistol , Municipal Traffic Management Bureau Traffic Police Battalion 196 organizations around the city traffic police were firing practice in order to improve the traffic police of the new gun "feel" to ensure that critical moment to respond freely.
"This 92 -style pistols and other handguns similar structure , we must learn to assemble and disassemble , the only way to skillfully use ." Before the tests , a special police holding a 92 pistol , the various components removed to every police look one by one , and then again assembled elements introduced again, the gun assembled.
" Only by understanding the structure and properties of a pistol , in order to better use the pistol ." Around the city traffic police deputy brigade commander Wang Gang , due to the special nature of the traffic police brigade around the city , sometimes encounter a variety of unexpected emergencies, thus throughout the traffic control system is the only revolver grassroots units. But the original revolver is very complex , there are 54 type, 64 type, 77 type pistols, revolvers and other well , we are not familiar with the new allotment of 92 pistol performance. Through this firing practice , we can improve the ability to use 92 -style pistol , play its due role to ensure that firearms .