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The xinjiang armed police forces to ignore all over the sky sand and full emergency to prepare the drill
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"Beep beep..."Awakened by a rapid whistle the soldiers of the lunch break.On February 9, 13 PM at noon, In Xinjiang's Hetian region, the wind suddenly and dusty, the visibility is less than 50 m, the armed police force 8673 compound emergency preparedness drill quietly.And different from the often, head officer also all took part in the specific combat readiness exercise.
At the scene of the combat exercises, the author see full all the officers and soldier scrambled, at the first time they arrived at the office before the rally site, ready to go.Battle orders, rapid group boarded the bus, vehicle fleet, walking fast marching, marching through the infected area...Along the way,  we heard superior disposal situations of orders from the inside of the radio, the officers and soldiers are all in a ctively disposal; Although the staff officer, director, the assistant of head office has experienced the similar exercise for several times, in the process of disposal is hurry-scurry, because it is the  first time to organization such drills on Saturday noon rest time.(Source: China Radio Network)