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Xi an Public Security anti-riot vehicles equipped with one million yuan on terror
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During the small holiday "51", Xi an Public Security Bureau to spend more than one million yuan Yanta purchase specialized anti-terrorism and other anti-riot vehicles will be stationed at the station, tourist attractions crowded place.

This car is a riot against terrorism Shaanxi first car, a police anti-terrorism is the only anti-riot vehicles, the vehicle can be explosion-proof and anti-chemical attack; body side has a 9-hole shot, the roof has a special transmitter can emit tear gas.

Despite the huge volume of the car, but act quickly. Design speed of the vehicle is 140 km / h, and bulletproof tires, even tires were hit, you can then continue to travel 100 kilometers.

Its biggest advantage is that you can be an effective counter-terrorism positions to advance to the closest distance of criminals, effectively curb other crimes.