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Zhejiang police destroyed gangs parts sale guns
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    Recently, jiaxing, zhejiang haining police destroyed a large network bootleg versions gang gun parts.on 17th, the reporter hear from the     police, the case involving Chinese 24 provinces and cities, more than 1000 suspected account, involving a value of more than 400000 RMB , and find out to purchase weapons parts suspects a total of 61people, capture of the six, seized 19 pcs of  fake American "vulture" , high pressure air gun parts more than 4000.At present, the police are stepping up their catch gun crime suspects, withdraw slip through the gun and parts involved.In early August this year, the police get the clues, haining said someone manufacture or trade in guns illegally in local components, and through the Internet platform to sell to all over China.
    Police from the preliminary net is "standard" S "and" vera da mu "after two of the suspects, incarnation buyers contact, and soon found out the aggressively sell generic America online" vulture "high pressure air gun parts, as well as their true identity and hiding place.Police found criminal suspects Mao and Zhu  began to set up shop on the net sales parts since the Spring Festival this year.
   When trading, criminal suspects let air gun parts known as the "guts", complete or separate for sales, mainly include: internal components and the connection of air gun parts, divided into "the hammer", "trigger retainer", "wrap", etc. 11.After received the remittance from buyers, criminal suspects send them to buyers in the name of the spring, plastic products by express delivery.Within half a year, two criminal suspects have completed the transaction more than 2300, involving more than 1000 people, in the case of value more than  rmb 400000, for profits of more than 250000 rmb. In Zhejiang province , there are 82 suspected bought guns parts, 61 of the identity of the buyer has been astonished verify.
    Deadline on December 10th, the police seized various generic American "vulture" 19, high pressure air gun gun parts more than 4000 pcs, a batch of illegal possession of guns is detained by criminal or administrative detention.
    According to police's introduction, this case of American "vulture" air gun's power can be more than 150 times than that of the national standard, it can breakdown 1 dollar coin from 100 metres away , if assembly optical and infrared sight, its precision is quite high, and with high pressure cylinder can be adjusted by pressure, can shoot as far as 300 meters from the object.According to standards of 30 parts conversion a whole gun, police seized more than 4000 parts, can be converted into 133 whole gun, "enough equipped with a company."
    Now, Police are still chasing the rest of the hook guns and criminal suspects.