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Anti riot gear including which products
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Anti riot gear generally comprises anti riot helmets, anti riot suits, protective gloves, safety shoes, etc., following on from JiangSu Anhua to introduce some of them to make for a better understanding of anti riot gear.

Anti riot helmet: Anti riot helmet is the anti riot personnel equipment , open way of protective masks and general helmet is different, in order to prevent attacks, has designed a two-stage open method.

Anti riot suit: Divided into conventional type and heavy type. They are divided jacket and trousers. Heavy-type clothing materials have fire function, the clothes have to absorb attacks plastic and foam, designed airtight, without any gaps, airtight package design also include neck, but some restrictions activity. Conventional wear light.

Protective Gloves: Heavy riot staffing equipment,the equipment is to resist against attack hand in joints .

Safety shoes: Anti riot officers wearing the shoes, mostly are military leather shoes material.

Fire extinguisher: When there is a crime of people threw petrol bombs and so on, causing a fire, immediately put out of gear.

Light-duty anti riot kit: This kit and heavy anti riot equipment is different, this is designed to better activities.

Anti riot gear is the special anti riot weapons, when anti riot police or public security staff in carrying out the work use , in order to achieve effective and quickly pacify riots, resolving incidents which endangering public security, maintaining social order, safeguard social harmony and security. when riot shields riot equipment can suppress riots, Compulsory dissolution demonstrators crowd incident ,reduction the damage to both sides, that is at the same time protect their own safety, to avoid harm to each other. Whether for rioting crowds or  riot police, in order to reduce casualties situation occurs, you can use special tactics or queue, with professional anti-riot equipment to deal with unarmed crowd or low-grade armed groups, in order to lowest injury.

Anti-Riot Helmet RH-12B