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Anti riot helmet fit is most important
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Usually when we buy the anti riot helmet, we would not choose good or bad, and will choose fit helmet in order to ensure safe, then how we test anti riot helmet fit the size of your own head type it? First, we put on anti riot helmets, will mask lens open to the direction of head , with your fingers pull to wear on both sides, to both sides opened, the opening expansion, this time we will look they whether fit your head type, after wearing the helmet, will the helmet back and forth shaking, if found loose, should immediately replace the helmet,  if the head wear comfortable and then adjust to the proper position ,after wearing buckle plugged in,connecting. Then pull down the mask lens, make the mask waterproof rubber strip and shell  forehead seal, This is the suits own phenomenon.

If we in the trial process, found the strength of helmet, the overall appearance have the abnormal phenomenon, should be replaced immediately anti riot helmet, our do so in aim is at the time of occur impact, it can give you the highest intensity of protection, reduce the damage caused to you. Therefore,after the helmet had a big impact event  , you should immediately stop using or sent to factory confirm whether can continue to use . In order to secure of our life safety, we should choose the right helmet.

 Anti-Riot Helmet RH-12B