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Anti riot helmet protect the head is very important
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Anti riot helmet is a very important equipment to protect the head,the head is a fragile place, the body's most important organs all in the head,thereby protecting the head is very important. For anti-riot personnel, protect your head is even more important. Work of riot personnel are all relatively dangerous, the variability of working environment, the instability of risk factor  , all the time shrouded in riot personnel. At work, anti-riot personnel requires highly centralize, for their own protection is more importantly. If the body is hurt also have some fighting ability , but if the head be pounding ,the consequences will become very serious, head injuries will cause a variety of phenomena, blindness,bleeding, coma, riot officers will lose combat capability, which is very dangerous. At this time, anti riot helmet will play a very important role. Anti riot helmet with light weight, protection in place and other powerful features, can be very good to protect your head.

Anti riot helmet is riot personnel's best choice , to bring you a more secure protection.

Anti-Riot Helmet RH-12B