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Anti riot helmet storage precautions
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In the process of traffic, sometimes occur unexpected things , so that people's health is damaged, so people focus on find a product reducing physical damage to protect themselves. Wherein the helmet is a protective equipment. Helmet is the equipment to protect the head, mostly semicircular, mainly by the shell, liner and suspension of three parts,shell are respectively made by special steel ,fiberglass, reinforced plastic, leather, nylon and other materials to withstand bullet, shrapnel and other blow was damage to the head.

Thus, the role of the helmet is also important. When we used up, also must good storage protection. Especially for police equipment, anti riot helmet storage, we need to pay attention to two points. The first point police riot helmet can not coexist with corrosive substances, and away from heat source. The second point is stored in ventilated and dry warehouse, Insist on more than 250 mm from the ground, near the gap is not less than 200mm. While in use do not use have a corrosive solvents to clean the surface of the helmet, don't percussion helmets. When in use ,police helmet is necessary to fasten the strap , if there was a big carom accident should stop using, pay attention to service life.

Anti Riot Helmet RH-12B