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Anti riot helmets materials and use precautions
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Anti riot helmets which materials can be made? What precautions when use it? JiangSu anhua will explain for your as follows:

Police anti riot helmets have the following materials:

1,PC material
(Polycarbonate) technology, with high strength and toughness reasonable. External shocks forces can play a good buffer function, excellent impact strength and puncture resistance performance. Aging and difficult to deformation, corrosion resistance, weather resistance and good performance, good insulation properties, non-foaming, non-hierarchical, durable, long-lasting protection new.

Performed on the galvanized layer electrostatic spray paint, steel from the outside world to achieve anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, anti-rust of purpose, hard surface blistering double protection, rust, fade, lasting protect new, high strength, not broken do not broken, durable.

3,High impact PC / ABS alloy resin material

We have know that the police anti riot helmet material, we take a look at what are the considerations when use it.

1,Must be fastened to wear during use.

2,Check before use waterproof rubber mask on the forehead and the case should be kept better adaptation.

3,The overall strength: The helmet can withstand the Ministry of Public GA294-2001 "Police helmet" standard set forth in Article 5.8,5.9 collision energy and the impact of cone penetration. For over this energy of impact, it can only give you the highest intensity of protection, mitigation of damage to you. Therefore, when there was a big crash helmet after the accident, should immediately stop using or sent to confirm whether the plant can continue to use the identification.

4,The overall appearance: helmet body can not smear or corrosive solvent to remove oil, to avoid damage to the material strength helmet body.

5,Using the three-year period.

Anti Riot Helmet RH-12B