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Anti riot suit and other anti riot supplies
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Anti riot suit, with nothing more than in the anti riot work wear special protective assembly . This is not an ordinary anti riot clothes, it is made of the special materials, with a certain protection.In the process of the anti riot ,can fully protect. Then, in the process of anti riot, what other riot gear?  These include wearing a anti riot helmet, holding anti riot shields, as well as anti riot fork etc.

Here to tell you about the riot fork, one can imagine , all of anti riot utensils are all not ordinary items, are using a special material made of, and has its own unique features, of course,anti riot fork is no exception, its rod is stainless steel, handle use imported high-strength plastic stainless steel rod,when occur unexpected events ,can pull foot rod is rotated to 45 degrees can be fixed, the operation is extremely convenient, flexible application up ,can withstand the weight of 200 pounds, longitudinal force can withstand the weight of 250 pounds or more.

Anti Riot Suit BP-28P