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Anti riot suit is the essential devices of riot
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The so-called riot squad is mainly to deal with some violence and anti-france events , when in dealing with these violent scene, or in riot acting activities, to prepare the equipment including riot gear, stab gloves and black helmet, which is a professional riot helmet. In addition is a riot using fork, when unexpected events occur, pull foot rod, turn right around 45 degrees, can be fixed, easy to use and flexible.  Also can resist the many more  thrust,no bending deformation, protective capability is strong, as well as the ideal protective equipment appliances of schools, kindergartens, enterprises and defend.

Anti riot suit also known as armor suits、riot armor, clothing are using a special material of non-toxic, fire-retardant material made into. Anti riot suit strong and durable, appearance design is novel , reasonable structure design, has a certain high temperature, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, anti-stab is also very good ,tip is impenetrable.

Anti Suit BP-58