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Anti riot suit materials and functional
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Anti riot suit is made by many different materials, the materials used have their own different characteristics. The outer layer ,used  coated fabrics and special plastic has no natural harm to the human body , non-toxic and environmentally friendly, but also anti-strike. Its elbow, shoulder parts are used PU fiber , it is more flexible, it can wear them feel more comfortable, with a strong anti-strike capability, and act relatively freely.

Back care using EVA, PE, PU,mesh weaving and other material that can easily be placed inside the clothes,the effective protection of the backside.  Its mill package uses a wear-resistant materials, wear-resistant and lightweight. Also ,multiple parts allocate with ventilation suspension system, and added some work packages and improve practicability. Anti riot suit can effectively protect the various important part of the user, and to mitigate the might be damage .


Anti Riot Suit BP-28P