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Anti riot suit need equipped with what equipment
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Anti riot suit is the essential equipment of duty personnel when occur incident of violence, police officer use the anti riot suit is to be able to protect their lives and safety, be able to play a good safeguard for them personal protective equipment. Then when police officer wearing anti riot suit need to assemble some other protective equipment? Jiangsu Anhua will introduce for you as follows:

Police can bring  tear gas injector , it weighs only eighty grams not too heavy, but it's firing range  can only operate at close range inside, and can be continued jet fifteen seconds of time, this is not only can deal with a single person  but also can deal with groups, this is not going to harm the lives of others.

Anti riot suit also can be equipped with a standard knife , this is more practical, not only can to their own self-defense protection, but also can disassemble obstacles and other activities . Best equip matched gloves to prevent cuts, it is the use of high-strength fibers and metallic silk blend  materials processing mixed made, it can effectively resist.

When police officers dealing with incident of violence ,only equipped with above set of tools ,can improve the safety factor, will minimize the risk.

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