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Anti riot suit performance requirements
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Anti riot suit use materials should a non-toxic, the human body without harm nature. Anti riot suit  requires no wrinkles, cracks, damaged, gap, open line, leaking needle, thread and other defects, the cleaning sturdy permanent product identification. Anti riot suit should be convenient to wear off, can not make  free movement of the arm , body kneeling, jumping, squatting, running, tilt, swivel and other movements suffer conspicuous restrictions.  The body's chest, back, crotch and upper and lower limbs and other parts should be in the scope of coverage. Will anti riot suit any protective parts placed on a rigid plane, to 120J energy shock, the corresponding parts should not be breakage, cracking. Will anti riot suit chest, back parts separately placed on standard cement, with 100J energy shock, clay indentation depth should not exceed 20mm. Chest, back, and crotch are using  standard test tool prescribed by GA68 ,20J kinetic energy to penetrate the protective parts vertically , the tip should not penetrate.  Protection component surface,continued burning time after combustion should be less than equal to 10s.

Anti Riot Suit BP-28P