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Anti riot suit production origin
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It is understood that,as early as in the late 1980s, police of western developed countries had will anti riot suit included in the line of riot police protective equipment,is necessary police equipment ,in order to achieve deter each other, protect police personal security purposes . China from the late 1990s began, due to the changes of international situation ,the reform-open, domestic emergent group Incident also gradually increasing.  The public security as the main force of organs ,to maintain national security and social stability , anti-riot anti-terrorism and the mission of disposal sudden mass incidents is increasing, perform duties and themselves security contradiction become increasingly prominent, especially in the each major cities public security organs urgent need related protective device .However, because at that time no domestic enterprises specializing in riot gear, even with scattered individual,  also very simple, quality can not be guaranteed, can not meet the actual needs of public security, then spent huge sum of money,  from foreign imports anti riot suit. However, due to high cost,coupled with populations in Asia and Europe,and on various aspects different stature, leading to import riot gear  can not fully meet the needs of our country police. so china began to develop and production in riot gear products suited to their national conditions.


Anti Riot Suit BP-28P