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Anti riot suit production requirements
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Anti riot suit production process is very complex, very serious,because it relates to the safety of users,so we must be in accordance with the requirements, strict production!Jiangsu Anhua will tell you about its production requirements it as below.

1、Anti riot suit  using non-toxic , fire-retardant materials specially made and be become, and  use advanced technology to set buffer ventilation system, the total weight of 6.5kg.

2、Anti riot suit wearing practical, convenient, twist flexible, sophisticated appearance, reasonable structure design connection, 2 minutes can be neatly dressed, much better than the technical indicators routine riot suit.

3、Anti riot suit stab performance: on the chest, back, abdomen with a standard test tool, 20J kinetic energy, vertical piercing, nose impermeable protective layer.

4、Anti riot suit high and low temperature impact resistance: put the hard protective layer of anti riot shields into the  high temperature + 55 ℃ + -2 ℃, low temperature incubator after -20 ℃ + -2 ℃ for 4h, the corresponding parts of impact tests are not breakage.

5、Anti riot suit products protective layer of flame retardant performance and effective protective area: the inspection results of all items are in conformity with the relevant provisions of the GA420-2003 in riot gear.

6、Riot armor suits superior materials, light weight, the total weight of 6.5 kg, lighter than conventional products.

7、Riot armor suits chest, back, thighs, legs, arms and other parts has set up the ventilation suspension system

8、Riot armor suits unique design, respectively, in the chest, back stab set removable core guts when performing specific tasks, ready to be loaded into the core bulletproof guts.

9、Riot armor suits add new adjustable multi-function leather work bag, gas mask bag, multi-function hook, improve operational practicality.

10、Riot armor suits packaging design with back, put dual-use, multi-function pocket pieces, practical strong!

Anti Suit BP-58