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Anti riot suit use performance is strong
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Anti riot suit use in real life is mainly to protect the personnel security to maintain law and order, to maximize the protection of the body from injury. Now anti riot suit separated structural formula, when in use does not affect all parts of the activities, both to protect their own safety and can effectively against the enemy. Anti riot suit made of high-strength materials and special plastic coated fabric, environmental protection harmless to the human body without harm nature. So even long-term use is not harm the human body. Chest, back, thighs, legs, buttocks and other parts provided with two ventilation, so even wearing long nor will the body have been affected. In order to facilitate cleaning, many places in anti riot suit are free to demolition. Now anti riot suit in addition to protection, but also set a number of packaging design, can be worn other tools, the use of performance particularly strong.

Anti Riot Suit BP-28P