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Are anti riot helmet light as possible?
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On December 2nd, Public security department of jiangsu province provincial police equipment industry association conference, Jiangsu ANHUA Police Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer engaged in police equipment, is vice president of the unit.


So whether it is a anti riot helmet as light as better? ANHUA Police Equipment tell you:

Relatively speaking, the helmet is the lighter the better. But if the riding helmet too light, it tests certified by national security test standard opportunities will be hard to through, the relative price will be higher. So the premise is that you must choose a helmet certified by national security test standards, more than most of the 200 helmet can do about 260G, even if the weight does not make you feel tired long, so do not be too concerned about the weight of index helmet. Unless you're trying to make a bike race. To minimize weight, otherwise, it is not worth the extra money to buy ultra-light weight helmet.


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Anti-Riot Helmet RH-N12B